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Original post by: 123abc ,


It never would use any oil between changes, I put the OPS on at the end of Feb. and since doing that I have had to add a gallon about every 5000 miles. My oil samples have also changed very quickly, so I changed the oil last time i was in town and will pull another sample in a couple of weeks and i hope it is back to how the readings were before the oil had a lot of mileage on it.

I ran team the first two years I owned the truck, solo the last year, putting 147,00 since last Aug.

It is a 10 speed trans. with 3.70 rears. Mileage is pretty good, if you run around 58-60 you will always be at 7 or better, unless going into a lot of wind, and thats heavy, if you are light and drive slow, you will be at 8 or higher. You can look at the history, I am on fuel gauges as 4GTransport truck #744. To lifetime mileage is not great because when I ran team my partner always drove 70, or as fast as she could go for the conditions, so I game up trying to get good mileage. The two of us heavy most of the time peddle to the metal, we averaged 6.4.

I have pics that I would be happy to send you, but they are not posted anywhere right now