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Original post by: Zachary ,


I would look at the ECM reports. There is less than a 5% difference in fuel economy between the stock Cascadia and the Century. There is roughly a rated 7% difference between the Cascadia Evolution (2014 model) and the Century.

However, I would look into the details. Check out the ECM reports for things like frequent DPF cleaning, frequent parked regeneration, lots of EGR work, percent of idle time, and percent of time using the PTO. If any of those numbers is high, use RigDig to verify that, in fact, the truck had EGR issues.

I would keep a short list of 2 or 3 other trucks with similar specs on hand, and use it as a negotiating tool to bring the price down or extend the warranty if the truck has a known EGR problem. I hope this helps.