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Original post by: MOtech9 ,


so was this "rattle" there before the overhaul, after the overhaul, recently popped up? it amazes me that you had a rattle and the first course of action is to replace the damper,  first lets find the source of the rattle, run the overhead, overhauled at 1 million and now 1.2 seems a bit early by some standards but anytime an engine isnt running smooth but doesnt show signs of a dead cylinder then try running or at least checking the overhead, also i would lean towards the possiblity of broken clutch springs, i know you said you checked them but you checked the angle springs that force the pressure plate, the springs to commonly break are in the plate itself, you cant see them without pulling the clutch and unless they fall out and wad up in there likely wont have much feel for the difference, as for turning up the idle, on most electronic engines built in the last 10 years or so the entire set of parameters change when throttle is pressed so the test of touching the throttle wont tell you anything, you can try bumping it a bit with cruise switches but still wont guarantee the idle set of parameters will be the same when set to that rpm. one other thing to check many people forget is the fan and accessory drives, you can get tons of vibration from these since many overhauls dont do anything with these.