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Original post by: Hank Duncan ,


Thanks  to everyone for the good info. I have had ride height adjusted twice by two different freightliner dealers.One measured from top of teat to the stop on rear axle at 2 7/8 inches the last measured at front axle top of frame to bottom of u bolt at 3 inches. two completely different measurements. With it not having this chatter and vibe all the time only after a little run time I think maybe not the ride height. I also had clutch adjusted to specs with no improvement. Motor mount replaced,all u joints,carrier bearing, etc. all are tight no play. I am at the point I think to have trans pulled and eveyrthing inspected at my cost if they find nothing.Anybody know a good trans. shop in the Allentown PA, Philly area ? My shop in town are good but not certified so if they do find something couldn;t do the warranty work from what I understand.  Thanks again to everyone!