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Original post by: Corey MacQueen ,


I just installed a FASS on my glider... I can't believe anyone could ever have trouble with the install! It's an EXTREMELY simple setup. I had it done in about an hour.

The only minor problem I ran across was that I forgot to spray WD-40 into the pump before I mounted it (as the instructions told me to). Being a new glider, the entire fuel system was dry, and the pump wouldn't prime on its own with dry gears. I got past this by cracking the return fitting at the engine-mounted fuel filter to let air escape, then gently pressurized the fuel tank with a blow gun through the tank vent. It took about 5 seconds for the pump to catch prime and has worked flawlessly since.

I'd say the shop who did your "install" isn't as good as you think they are.