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Original post by: Cliff ,


Not sure about the MCP50 that LS is using, but the Navigo setup in the MCP200 I am using leaves a lot to be desired some days.  I am beginning to think it is like a blind squirrel.  Even a blind squirrel with find a nut once in a while.  The Navigo setup, after over 2 years in my truck, still cannot locate my house!  And when I leave the house heading west, it still wants me to turn right on 51st ave. Problem, that section of road it wants me to turn on is nothing more than a trail in to a cornfield along a fence row, and has been that way for almost two decades.  It has tried to route me down a road in NE Ohio that had a 12' bridge on it.  Most times, I get better routing from the google maps on my iphone.