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Original post by: Your ,


I used the GPS built into the EOBR when I was leased to Schneider and I thought it was horrible. You cannot add waypoints or anything. You just have to accept the routing it gives and that's it.

I also personally do not like the truck specific GPS units. It sounds like a good idea, but I just don't care for their limitations. It's almost as though they tried to cram too much into the devices so instead of doing one thing good (routing), it does several things badly. Obviously, this is just my opinion and you know how that old saying goes.

I just use a TomTom 2535 and I absolutely love it. It is TomToms top of the line (when I bought it) and about half the price of the truck specific units. It is so easy to add custom POI's to it and I have added a ton of them. I added all of my company's terminals and drop yards, all of our regular customers, all of the weigh stations, and rest areas, plus many more. You can't do that with the EOBR units.

The regular GPS units, as you probably already know, will work great as long as you remember that they are only a tool and are not a set-it-and-forget-it type of device. Common sense plays a major role in your routing. I ALWAYS use the company/customer directions and set my GPS unit up with waypoints to follow them. I have never ever had a problem with bridges, truck routing, or anything else using my GPS unit like this.

So, in short, if you are wanting a good GPS unit, get a regular GPS unit instead of the EOBR or truck specific units. Again, this is just my opinion, which you were asking for and I hope this helps some.

Take care, be safe, and good luck in your decision.