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Original post by: Brian Smith ,


I have the Garmin Dezl760, it does logs as well, likely not compatible with Landstars system but it's a great GPS, tracks IFTA related data and is considerably less expensive than the Rand McNally however the Rand McNally is an actual EOBR that connects to the trucks ECM from what I was reading since it allows for critical event reporting like hard braking, stability control, etc.

The truck GPS is more of a routing/planning tool for me than it is a logging tool.  If it were me and LS is installing the MCP50 for free than I think I'd go with both.

Jerzy is right, while it's highly likely it will become law to have an EOBR on the truck, it's currently not nor is it likely it'll be any time soon.  I think it'd be safe to say there will be a list of approved EOBRs and it's highly likely the qualcomm units will be there, since they're already being accepted by DOT now.