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Original post by: Jeffrey Szarley ,


The ScanGauge KR is the tool you are talking about. It is a portable, instant readout for your engines computer. It gives you valuable data to help improve your driving habits. The Scan Gauge KR is very easy to install and is inexpensive.

The ScanGauge KR has a 8 second "smoothed over" instant MPG reading, rather than instant readings that jump all over the place too fast.

It also has an instant Profit Per Mile reading as you're going down the road. This is achieved by entering your price of fuel at each fill-up and either your load rate or fuel surcharge rate. It's an amazing function watching profit change as you go down the road. It's a real incentive to adapt your driving habits. The end result is more profit for the driver.

The ScanGauge KR also allows you to watch your profit per individual trips (the call them Trip A and Trip B). The trip parameters are set by the driver so you can compare different loads, roads, etc.

The ScanGauge KR is easy to use and fun. Let me know if I can help more.