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Original post by: Jackie ,


You can Have the FASS and the Turbo 3000D together. I have them both on the truck currently.

Pittsburgh power told me that the Turbo 3000D is a fuel restriction so the next time I am home I am going to take it off. Then I will be able to see if the Turbo 3000D actually worked or not.

When I first installed the Turbo 3000D I had other things wrong with the truck so I don't know if it helped fuel mileage or not. So when I take it off I will see if my fuel mileage goes down, up, or stays the same. I will also be able to see if it's a fuel restriction by the pyrometer.

The FASS absolutely worked on my truck. It wasn't even installed correctly right away and I got a fuel mileage increase. After Pittsburgh power fixed the install that my Detroit shop did, I got the power increase as well.