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Original post by: Luis Poblete ,


Thanks Aaron I know you are doing your best.

Its just that by keeping things too simple sometimes it has its drawbacks.

Just because your settlements square out it doesn't mean that you didn't get your expenses mixed up. Like the other day I got my fuel mixed up with other expenses and even though my net on my settlements was right, it took me a whole day to figure out what I did wrong, just because I could not see what I had put on the subcategories.

Also on the same point. We need to be able to see subcategories on Retained Earnings. Even though, Retained Earnings, its not going into any reports, how are we ever going to know and verify how much money we have on our escrow account? This featured in my opinion is a must, as my carrier might say at the end of the year that I have a certain amount in total but how do we really know?