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Original post by: Harmin ,


ISX vs DD15 vs C15


Hi guys,

I will be buying an 08 or newer truck thanks to california.  I will be running through and picking loads from california.

I have been looking at 09-10's.  Was wondering what experiences people have had with the dpf and motor the dpf and isx, dpf and dd15 ... an so on...

I know that if you got a detroit you will think thats the best and if you're a cat guy, then c15 is the best...

There are a lot of isx's on the market with the dpf's and the only bad thing i can come up with is that they have been know to go through egr's and turbos...any truth?

I guess there was a lot of problems with 08's, but I figure that if i were to find one with 550k on the clock or a bit more, most of the problems are probably worked out and software updated?  I can't afford newer than 2010 so I will go either 2010 pete 387 isx 13spd 3.36 rears or 09 cascadia dd15 13spd

I understand that there are many factors but there has to be a motor dpf combo that stands out and out performs with the best fuel mileage stock? Like I said there are many factors that will affect this, but a general  idea is what I am asking for...

thanks guys


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