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Original post by: Jeff Perry ,


Kevin, my Dad and I installed mine on the roof of my T600 under the fairing and it was really easy. The worst part was lifting the 90lb unit up there! That and removing the interior to run the wiring and such, but that also gives you a good opportunity to insulate those areas better than the factory did. All you have to do is cut like a 14" by 14" hole (measure multiple times and make sure you lay it out right where you want it because you only get one crack at that) and plop it up there. All that holds them down is four bolts in each corner of the hole through the interior bracket up into the AC unit. That's it, it is mounted and you just have to run your power wire to where ever you are going with it. I had to put in some wood bracing around the hole I cut because on the KW sleeper there is a metal reinforcing rib going right through the middle of my opening, but that was just to brace the interior mounting bracket evenly all the way around the hole for stability when tightening up the four mounting bolts. If you are remotely mechanically inclined you can do it and at least know it was done correctly. My unit by the way is a Coleman Mach 3 Power Saver 13,500 BTU unit. It does pretty well on my truck. It doesn't shut off when it's in the 90's and up but it does keep it comfortable enough on those days to sleep but it definitely doesn't freeze you out, at least not til the sun goes down! The Power Saver uses only 1190 watts on low cool and 1440 on high cool which I can run off a 2000 watt Honda generator no problem. Hope this helps and good luck.