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Original post by: Zachary ,


I would seriously have that engine wiring harness changed, and also have the ECU and Body Control Module (Gauge Cluster) inspected. It might be $2200, but given you are losing your e-logs, gauges and other critical instruments, you might need to do it anyway. If you can't change it, go to Blue Beacon and get an engine wash. Then once the wash is complete, check EVERY connection under the hood and make sure it's clean and free of corrosion.

Chances are this is a wire that has corroded so much that it has shorted out, hence the suggestion of replacing the harness. Electrical problems are very time-consuming to troubleshoot, and road salt is a common cause. A loose ignition key switch wire can mimic the symptoms with the e-logs and gauges as well, but I have a very good reason to suspect the wiring under the hood.