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Original post by: Walter ,


I have a 2007 Peterbuilt cummins ISX and unplugged tgr EGR when new and ran the truck like this for 4 years and then ! day the Egr valve opened up and stuck in the open position I went to a Peterbuilt dealer and they took it off And welded it shut.I now have taken it right off along with the EGR cooler..Installed a new ECM with EGR delete and my ck engine lite is off..I can"t go to any cummins dealer or they may reflash my ECM so I get my work done at my local peterbuilt dealer...The only weak spot now is the turbo which doesn't last as the blades in the actuator warp and then have only 10 psi of Jake brake boost ,but the boost with load stays High..32psi.MY camshaft went at a million+ and had my inframe done..average 7.2 mpg in the summer...I intend to keep this tuck for a long time as I hear too many bad reports on the new engines....Let them experiment till they get it right which they will eventually ,but not at my expense............................