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Original post by: Tina or John Roney ,


I have a 1999 KW900-N14 Cummins engine; had my fuel lines completely replaced in December 2011 at KW in Jackson, TN;

After 5 dealerships and 1 independent shop; I took it to E&R Services in Lincoln, NE; Eldons' specialty is fuel systems: "He told me it looked like a plumbers nightmare"

They installed the lines incorrectly, causing a draw on only one tank, including back pressure on my engine.  Eldon took 2 days; but reran the line correctly, took out many additional fittings that either were incorrect or were not needed.  The truck now runs off 2 tanks and have had no other issues with it; this is after 8 months of %@&& and about $8,000

later; dealing with Kenworth dealerships; who are supposed to know what they are doing.