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Original post by: Darrell ,


I been looking and listening and I think I might go with the canon or the HP that has i print compatible printers...just because I have an iphone. here is what I am learning. For the last 3 years I've been using a Lexmark 3 in One, and it does great. If you have any Apple hardware (iphone, ipad, whatever) you can go to Apple and they have a list of compatible printers. find the one you like then go to Amazon, they have the best price for the ones I'm considering buying.

I talked to an apple tech guy and he thought that using APPS called Doc's to go or Pages for iphone.... which uses PDF formats.

Now I get a job, I'm not setup with this company, so I get the contract, I print it, complete the packet, scan it to the laptop and then either email or efax it. Then I get the rate sheet then I print the rate sheet, and if the customer wants it right back I have to scan it to the laptop and send it. Of course I'm tethered to the laptop using data all the while. Now I think we are all on the same page when I say we are using wires to do all this.

With the i print, I get the contract on the phone, I send it to the iprint printer wireless-ly, of course I have to stop if I'm driving to complete the contract.

I scan it to the app and from the app (whichever one you choose) and with the phone I send it as a email from the app. I also use for my faxing at home and on the road if the customer needs it to come to a fax machine. Efax also has a mobile app too so you can fax from your phone or laptop.

I sure we all know it costs 2 dollars for the first page then 1.00 up to 2.00 for any additional received faxed pages at the fuel desk at just about any truck stop, then you have to re-send it back at the same won't take long to pay for a 100.00 iprinter. I've had some contracts cost over 40.00 to receive and send it back using the truck stop faxes.

fortunately for me in the last 2 years I only worked for 5 or 6 companies, so my paperwork has went down.

For Wifi, I think I will get the Sprint unlimited and also their mobile hotspot. If you do this you can use your wifi enabled printer to print from your laptop, but not your phone. This works just like your wireless modem at your house.