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Original post by: Ed MacLane ,


I first measured the shelf in my truck so I knew how much room I had to work with.  The HP OfficeJet I already owned wouldn't fit.

So I went to the local office supply store and measured the MFD's (multi function device) in my price range.

If it's for office work I recommend one that copy, scans, and prints.  Also it should be able to scan and save to a .pdf file.  Some low end MFD's will only save to .tiff or some other picture format rather than .pdf.

Also I recommend one that can save to some sort of removable memory such as USB or SD card.  WiFi is probably a good option too since it gives you another networking option.

I ended up buying an Epson WorkForce 645 because it had the features above, the right dimensions, and the right price.  I forget the price but it's not the top of the line.  I haven't had any problems with it.  I had it in my truck since I bought it in February 2012.

I think any of the MFD's will be fine in a truck.  If you want to feel a little better you can buy an extra warranty at the store you buy it from (if available).