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Original post by: Mike ,


The accountant I've been speaking to highly recommends QuickBooks Pro. He gets a discount that changes from year to year, for his clients, of about 20-30%. It costs around $229.00 at Staples.

The account follows up by saying QuickBooks needs to be set up properly. I won't know what he means by this until I work with him to set it up.

I would say that operating a truck business is just a little to complicated to not use an accounting system to keep track of everything; all receipts for fuel, maintenance, repairs, contacts with brokers, pay/settlements, taxis, motel rooms, day to day purchases. You better have a way to present all of this to the IRS, IFTA, DOT, and anyone else that needs to know, like banks for loans. So, it's not wise to say this business is simple. It could be but there is far to much bureaucratic crap to be simple. Bureaucrats living off of us, creating more jobs for themselves, at our expense, while constantly hiding behind safety, pollution, etc.. If you don't have a well organized accounting system you could be in for a time consuming, HAIR RAISING experience like I just went through with my IFTA report, preparation.