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Original post by: snowdrifter ,


use the power box from PP, you'll love it. It's safe and will help with fuel milage if you respect the power gains select 4 or 5 on the settings. and it will not harm your ECM

4.75 avg you must have the heavy haul program in from Cat should be proud with that avg.

you should gain .25 mpg min. with your driving style.. using that box.

also leave it at 475hp better fuel rate than 550 because you not always pulling grades like running the rocky mountains all the time..

Mine was reset on the Dyno we found the number 505HP. with out the heavy haul program.. and 495 hp with the program installed.

so i'm running @ 495hp and i'm using 300us gal. for every 2050 miles.

i have a 379 with a reefer avg 85,000 gross 95% of the time..