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Original post by: Aaron ,


== New Features ==

* Recurring expenses, income & reimbursements - see below
* IFTA Reporting is now available. Go to FuelGauges and click on IFTA Report under your truck photo - see below
* You can sort by best average now in the truck search.
* Now it's easier to know which field you are editing with a change in the style.
* New help guides when hovering over the white square with a ? in it.

==== RECURRING ====

* Set an account to recur with or without a value.
* Easily edit and manage your recurring accounts with an easy user interface.
* Cut your settlement entry time in half by setting up those transactions that happen every settlement.
* Finally set up those automatic deductions so you never have to worry about missing them.


* View your gallons purchased per state, if you've selected the state during fuel entry
* Easily filter your report by year, month or quarter
* Export this report as a PDF so you can print and or email

== Bug Fixes ==

* Fixed a display issue on the fuel-up form for the tank average.
* Corrected an issue where some users were unable to access the site after updating their credit card info.
* The tutorial links are updated to show the correct videos for all users.
* Fixed an issue where the Truck Loan payments would not update the summary to the right.
* Getting Started links now work on all browsers
* Login errors are easier to identify.
* Truck search stats are more accurate and up to date.
* Truck photos now show up on your connections tab.
* Email invoice will finally show you the correct date of when your membership will expire.
* ProfitGauges overview now defaults to Year To Date stats for the year you are viewing.
* Fixed issues where you wouldn't be able to edit a certain fuel-up.
* Now when you change the truck make you want to filter for the models for that new options now refresh without the page needing a refresh.
* When adding maintenance through the mobile site your odometer reading will correctly be displayed.
* Fuel activity will show the exact miles driven on a partial rather than adding the .00 at the end.
* The pages on the truck search default back to page one when a filter is added.
* Now the active section of Gauges is easier to identify
* The truck search filters are now easier to manage with the unified style.
* We've added back in the transmission option on the truck specs and the truck search
* The FuelGauges graph will display more appropriately when you have L/100km selected as your default average
* After deleting all of a trucks activity the linked tabs now update without a page refresh
* Custom date range now updates all information for that range.
* Resolved an issue where the tutorial video would not display.
* After adding a fuel-up the page you are on does not reload by default and averages are all updated automatically.
* Your truck activity can now be filtered by the year or lifetime
* Fuel average will more accurately be calculated by starting with a full fuel-up for the first fuel-up or the first after a missed fuel-up.
* Your total miles tracked is updated more accurately
* If a payment fails you are now informed of why is was declined.
* Fuel-up form now has a tool tip that tells you what your previous OD reading was according to the date
* Now your tank average during the fuel-up will account for the previous fuel-up according to the date selected
* After deleting a fuel-up if there is a fuel-up after that date it will update all of it's information on the fly
* When changing the date of a fuel-up all fuel-ups around it will update
* The fuel-up form will use any previously entered partials to give you an accurate tank MPG
* During login you can now simply click return on the keyboard.
* It is now impossible to delete a truck that is linked to ProfitGauges, which would cause missing information
* If your truck is syncing with ProfitGauges you are not able to delete all it's activity or it will mess with syncing
* If you have syncing turned on and that month is not currently being synced you'll see the SYNC button, otherwise there will be no sync button because that month will already be synced.
* Truck search filters will only show first level filters until the options are selected. ie. after select truck make the truck model filter will display
* When you change the date, carrier, miles driven, per diem, or personal vehicle miles the form will save automatically
* The dynamic calculations and information on the fuel-up form now update according to the date so it uses the previously saved fuel-ups around that date.
* In ProfitGauges your total distance driven will be in the same measurement as your truck's "Distance" preference in FuelGauges
* The tank mpg at the top of the fuel-up form is formatted to always show 2 decimal places.
* If you add a fuel-up earlier than your previous fuel-ups then it push the correct data to the next fuel-up for the odometer reading.
* If you delete a first fuel-up and the following fuel-up is a partial the data is pushed correctly without a re-save.
* When adding a new first fuel-up the next in line will not be zeroed out if it's a partial. 
* On the truck search if you are browsing different pages and then select a filter the paging will not get messed up and will still show you the trucks you were viewing previously.
* ProfitGauges reports now make it easier to know what to report by only showing you ranges you have data inputted for.
* ProfitGauges overview will show whole numbers for the total miles/kilometers tracked.
* If you edit a partial fuel-up that happens to be a First fuel-up then the system will update the next fuel-ups odometer reading.
* If you are viewing all the trucks in the system and you change the quantity of trucks you are viewing you'll continue to view at the same place you left off
* Reports and lists only display the year for the information they have
* ProfitGauges overview got it's distance driven rounded so it doesn't' show decimals

== Things not looking right? ==

* Make sure you have the latest updates for the browser you are using.
* Clear your cache. This forces the browser to load the new files rather than hold on to the old ones.
* Email us at