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Original post by: Greg ,


I've had mine almost 2 yrs now and the only complaint I have is that the seat cushion is a bit firm if you ride 8-10 hrs!  Thankfully FMCSA is gonna make sure this is no longer a concern by making us all take a 30 min. break during the first 8 hrs as of July 2013!

It did take a while before I was no longer aware of the seemingly constant motion of the seat!  I have a bad back and am a true believer after throwing out my back on the road and feeling the result of this product's ability to reduce the impact of the road on my spine!

I used to have to turn it off and on every time I got on and off the interstate.  At first it seemed to be dangerous when it was on while trying to back into a dock or a parking spot.  Now I never power it down until I park for a break!  Give it time and communicate any concerns to Brett or Joe @ Bose and you will not beat the Customer Service you will receive.