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Original post by: Darrell ,


I'm on my second truck with the 10 speed eaton auto shift.

recently I had to rent a truck with a manual and I missed the auto shift. I started out in the late '70's with a 4 X 5 two tranny setup, I would not go back there again.

Unless you are doing heavy haul you can't beat the auto shift and the shifting is so smooth. My 2001 truck had 1.4 million when I traded it and the tranny was very quiet and the oil samples always came back great.

As far as shifting, if your auto shift does not jump gears by itself, do this, if light with trailer and load, double click the manual side on each shift and it will become a 5 or 6 speed.

this won't hurt the drive train unless you are too heavy for a 2 gear spread....I do this all the time when bobtail, trailer and light load up to 70,000. Even at 50 MPH I double click anything over 4th gear. Just learn what your engine and tranny can handle and don't get it in a bind.

If your truck is like mine, you can't hardly pop the clutch especially when rolling, the engine is throttled by the computer to not go into the shift just slides into gear then the RPM's increase smoothly. Really easy on the gear train.