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Original post by: David ,


I have a printout from Hendrickson on the Airtek steertek axles.  If you have a weight rating of 12,000 or 12,500 pound capacity the bag height should be 7 7/8" plus or minus 1/8".  If you have the 13200 or 14600 pound capacity axle, then the height is 8 1/8" plus or minus 1/8".  Either one of these is considerably higher then the 6.25" you were told and will keep the axle off the bump stops.  Also if you have an older suspension that only has one leveling valve, have it modified so you have a leveling valve on the left and right side of the steer axle.  The best way to measure the bag height is to cut out a big enough notch out of a piece of cardboard or hard thin plastic that you can "fit" over the side of the airbag.