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Original post by: Brian ,


I installed the Jeff Justus EGR Tuner June 13, 2012.  I have not currently been having EGR problems, but in 08' &09' I spent thousands of dollars trying to cure the black smoke/coughing problems. Those problems only ended with a thorough in-frame at a Detroit Diesel shop.  Part of my purpose in installing the EGR Tuner was to avoid a repeat of my 08'/09' experience.  The other part was to increase MPG.

Only one tankful so far... Stanfield, OR to Rochelle, IL, 1879 miles on 215.120 gallons for 8.734 MPG.  05' FL Classic, DDEC V, 11' Utility Reefer w/ skirts, X-1's all around, 29K in the box.  There was a tail wind most of the way, but Iowa was a cross wind.  May 12' MPG 7.512.  In late March 12' I pulled a similar load the same distance under more favorable conditions, but with X-1 XDA Energy down to the nubs, for a 8.685 MPG. Current X-1's have only 20K miles on them.  I rarely exceed 58 MPH.

Surely much more tracking and data is necessary, but the engine is running very well and no codes are popping up.  I will see how stats compare at the end of July.