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Original post by: Jeff Chism ,


Call 800-264-8580 NASTC. National Assn for small trucking companies. Talk to Bobby Copeland. I joined yesterday, the annual fee is $250. You will be pooled into about 50,000 trucks for a group savings.There members save an average of 15 cpg on fuel depending on the daily market. Yesterday it was pretty much 40 cents difference across the board between pump and there price. They charge no transaction fees.

The good thing is most truckstop are on the list of approved stops. All ta/Petro locations are listed and they offer some other good shop discounts. I'm not a fan of FlyingJ and pilot,they are not on the list.

Please tell Bobby that Jeff Chism give you this info because they have a referral program that goes towards free membership.

Good luck;