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Original post by: Zachary ,


Living in deer country makes me vulnerable to hitting one or having one hit me, so here are some things I do to reduce the chance of hitting a deer: First, you should run slower- 55-60 instead of 65-70- at night so you are more likely to see the deer. Use your high beam headlights when it is safe to do so, you'll be more likely to see it if your lights are working properly and in adjustment. A deer is more likely to hear a light application of the Service Brakes than it is to hear a deer whistle, so when you see a deer, slow down and use a light press/release of the brakes.

DO NOT EVER VEER FOR DEER- it is safest for you to hit it straight on if you end up in the unfortunate circumstance of hitting one.

If there are lots of deer along your route, you may want a Herd aerodynamic deer/bull guard- it will save your truck from getting damaged by a deer strike if it happens, and has minimal, if any, impact on fuel economy since it's designed to work with the aerodynamics of the truck.

While there is no method to completely keep deer away from a truck, this should help you if you encounter deer or other roadside wildlife.