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Original post by: Matt ,


I am just doing some figuring here, but do you have an alcohol resovoir for your air system?  I would think all of the older trucks that did not have air dryers had an alcohol system to remove moisture. I would also think that the 1/4 lines need to be hooked to the primary tank, because, otherwise, how is the air governor going to monitor the pressure and regulate the compressor?  It seems to stand to reason that if signal line is unnecessary if there is no dryer, it would be unnecessary with a dryer.  I would keep the dryer and resovle the problem.  You can maybe have an immediate fix by resetting the governor.  Do this by inscrewing the black plastic cover, loosen the 7/16" locking nut on the screw, and then turn the screw clockwise to have the compressor shut off at a lower pressure.  You are probably going to have to turn the screw several different times before you get the desired pressure cutoff setting.