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Original post by: komaz4us ,


Could someone clarify this procedure a little, as I'm just getting educated about an ISX, and EGR.  Do we want to unplug a wiring connector at the solenoid? (looks kind of like an electric motor on the bottom of the EGR valve). I've already had to replace the EGR valve, as I've only had the truck a few weeks, (06 IH), and EGR valve stuck open, (was in open position when removed). Now I'd like to get my $900.00 back by unplugging it and getting better fuel mileage, if it truly works. If I had it to do over I would had kept the old valve just to see what it was made of, and to keep them from "rebuilding" it for say less than a hundred bucks, and charging the next guy $900. again.