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Original post by: Brian Smith ,


I am on the Choice program and love it.  I haven't really found a downside to it yet, accept that sometimes there aren't always loads going where I want them to.  However, that's my fault for not scouting out the market before I get there.

I run as often as I want, when I went, where I want.  In Feb I grossed 1.58 on all driven miles.  I usually keep about 40% of the gross revenue.

For March I'm estimating that I'll make about $18,500 and that's more than enough for me.  I also had some hometime in March for my son's second birthday, otherwise my numbers would have been higher.

Their fuel discount is better than it was at US Xpress.  They do a fairly good job of keeping their trailers working, I do have my weeks though where it seems i'm the only one doing my inspections but I've learned how to make em fix it without them trying to "save money"