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Original post by: Kevin Halderman ,


Have you changed the shocks? This includes cab shocks.  Most shocks are shot after 50-75k.  If you are heavy, 50k is more likely. All the OEM shocks on the market all cheap and generally junk.  If you run 200 miles, get out feel the shocks,  "dampening" generates heat, if they are cold replace them.  Save the receipt so in 8 months you can get the warranty on them. After 4 years I never bought another shock.  I just continue to get them re-warrantied.

So if your cab seems lower you could have a bad cab air bag.   Measure you cab from the frame rail to cab to see the difference, If this is even, then measure the frame rail to the ground. Both sides in several places. You could have an  bad air bag, spring, or bushing and this issue could be on the front or rear,  but measuring will help to see which area/areas are lower.  thus---start looking there.  Any issue you have causing the cab/ truck to tilt, is major issue and a guaranteed OOS.  So you need to get this looked at and fixed.

Also to much air pressure leads to a rough ride.  Anything over 130psi (with regular operations) should get advice from the tire manufacture , not just a "tire shop."