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Original post by: Sparada ,


I have this problem with a 2003 VOLVO VNL with N14 CUMMINS for 3 months spend $3,500 with new cluster, eps sensor, alternator, intake sensor, fuel selenoid, check valve clean out,  my problem was Gauges stops working and going up and down like crazy,  cluth fan ABS, TCS LIGHTS ON, TEMPERATURE GAUGE GOING UP ALL THR WAY, MID 128 (MEANS ENGINE NOT RESPONDING) J1708 CODE, CHECK INFO NEXT STOP, CHECK ENGINE, AND MANY OTHER CODES, my problem was solve for an excellent truck electrician in Chicago the problem was the Dash Control Module Part LOCATED ON THE REAR CHASSIS OF THE TRUCK UNDER THE CAT WALK A BLACK MODULE WAS BRITTLE AND DAMAGE BY THE SALT ON THE REAR SIDE ATTACHED TO THE CHASSIS CHANGE, RESET CODES AND THE TRACTOR WORKS LIKE NEW. SPEND ONLY $650 labor and used part. VOLVO WITH CUMMINS THE MODULE IS IN THE REAR CHASSIS UNDER THE CAT WALK.