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Original post by: Mikemascow ,


I bought the "Ugly EGR Fix" for my '07 KW w/ISX 565.  The part was a few hundred dollars, had it shipped to my mechanic who put it in for a few more.  Only problem, EGR Cooler started leaking shortly after.

I spoke to the guys at the Ugly, they said to simply remove the EGR cooler...plug it.  The mechanic shop I took it to couldn't figure out how to do that.  They wanted to sell me a new EGR cooler...I found out why.

I asked them how much the new cooler was going to cost, they said they weren't sure, but around $800-$900 for the part.  I found after-market EGR Coolers for $800.  I gave them the truck for a week and went on vacation, told them to verify their price before they did anything to the truck, and, if it was going to be over $900, let me know and I'd order the part I found instead.  In hindsight, I should have just gotten my part, but, I figured, if they used their part, they stand behind the work, so, even if it was $100 more, it would be worth it.

I have used this shop for a few years.  They are expensive, but, they stand behind their work, get it done and give me 30-60 days to pay my bill.  So, they were getting most of my business.

I picked the truck up when it was done....they said nothing about the cost of the part.  I asked about the total, they said they hadn't calculated it yet but would send the invoice to me.

It took them 30 days to send me a bill.   When I got it, they charged me $1,627 JUST for the EGR Cooler part itself.  That is $827 more than what they quoted and what I told them I'd be willing to pay.

When I questioned the manager about the excess, he told me they "forgot" to check the price, just ordered the part.

I told them I was only paying $800, which is what we had agreed to originally.   It's not my fault they can't do what the customer requested.  They should have known the price BEFORE ordering the part, and if $1,627 was the BEST they could do, I told them I could get an after-market for $800.

We went back and forth via email and phone on this.

I wrote them a check for the invoice on April 12th with a note saying it was payment in full for the "adjusted" invoice #.   I explained why...they said they'd get back to me.  They never did.

They didn't cash the check until June 1st.

Over the summer, I needed some other work done.  I called to make an appointment, they said I had to "settle my balance" first.  I told them there was nothing to settle.  They said they'd get back to me.   They never did.   I never went back for more service there.

Today, 5 months later, I got a call from a debt collector.   I explained the situation.  He said that I need to pay the bill.  I asked him "Why?"  He said "Because you hired them to do a service, this is how they stay in business."  I said, "By telling customers it will cost X, doing the work, not saying anything about the increased cost, then waiting 30 days to send a bill for 2X?"

He said "They have to make a profit on the parts".

I asked him, "When you go to the store and buy something, the shelf has a price tag saying $800....when you get to the cash register, are you willing to spend $827 more for it?"

He said "So, you're not going to pay this bill?"

I said "I already have, they already accepted the check."

He said "A judge will make you pay it."

I said, "We'll see about that."

They are located in Cook County - the most LIBERAL county in IL.  I don't think the judge is going to side with them.

The name of the shop is Profection Truck Repair at 3300 Manheim Rd in Franklin Park, IL.

I had been doing business there for over 2 years.  New management though.  Avoid them.

Anyway...I'd be curious to know how to delete the EGR there a video?

Also, there is a sensor now that is looking for the position of the EGR valve and apparently not getting an answer.  Does anyone know how to shut that off or otherwise replace the sensor?  I am told that sensor is inside the EGR itself.  I looked into deleting the EGR from the ECM, but, I saw places that wanted over $3K to do this!