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Original post by: Pauleisnerjr ,


I love these posts that say  " my Cummins will out pull this and that....Even the Cats "    BULLSHIT!    IF   you did out pull a Cat  you either had 100+ more horses  and lower gears or the other guy wasn't trying  or both...I've been driving 28 years, started out driving big wreckers then moved into the Heavy stuff pulling Landoll's and drop decks and I've scaled out as high as  160,000    and I'm here to tell you now.....There's not a gawd %#*@ diesel engine out there that can out perform   a Caterpillar  when it comes to raw power so just stop with the fantasy already.  You take any truck you want with equal equipment to any type truck out there and it won't matter.  CAT DIESEL POWER RULES THEM ALL BOTTOM LINE!!    P.S.   Just don't ask me to match fuel mileage  with you.  lol