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Original post by: Jargabright08 ,


Deleting the egr is simple. The thing most people won't tell you is with the motor unplugged the ecm is supposed to derate something like 10% according to my cummins dealer.

The fix is get all the new gaskets needed to remove the egr valve there are videos on YouTube showing how to remove the valve.

With the valve off cut a disk from sheet metal that will fit in the groove on the bellows side (the side that go's to the egr cooler) place it in the groove and reinstall the valve and plug it back in.

Doing this let the valve work but not flow any egr gas into the cooler another benefit is no gas flowing no more problems of egr coolers cracking.

To eliminate the chance of a cracked cooler filling the intake tube take the fitting out of the bottom of the intake install a expandable freeze plug and cut the bend off.

By doing this you increase the flow of air eliminating the need for a new pdi intake.

As far as the stuck egr plunger cummins will tell you it is nonserviceable.

Wrong take the valve off remove the back plate and it serviceable it is literally two gears a bicycle chain link and a cam remove the plunger and clean it.

If you don't understand the parts named in this or understand simple mechanical things leave it alone take it to someone who does its not hard to fix but unexpected things do happen.

There are kits available online to make this job a little more friendly to the installer.