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Original post by: Britt ,


IFTA Report - Will there be more details added in the future?


My husband and I started up a few months ago. We had someone filing the IRP and IFTA for us, but why pay someone when you can do it yourself.

I have an online account with the state to do the filings, but there isn't much for information on the site. I am guessing this is because we just entered into a new quarter.

I enter all fuel and details into FuelGauges on a weekly basis.

I generate the IFTA report from FG and the only information on the report is the miles traveled in each state where fuel was purchased.

Will this report be updated to include more detail in the future?

Gallons would be helpful.

Would the Taxable, Tax Paid Gallons and Net Taxable gallons calculation be possible. I understand the state(s) tax rate change. So this information may not be possible to include.


IFTA - Fuel Tax

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