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Original post by: Michael ,


we used to do this sort of thing quite a bit. what u can do is really kinda simple if u don't plan to circumvent too many spec's in the engine design. u also have to make sure the hardware is compatible with what u r trying to reboot the system as.  u can go to a dealer such as 1  that i have used in oklahoma city that carries a large selection of used ecm's and pick the unit u need. next i simply went to the salvage yard found a motor i was trying to replicate and pulled the serial number, and finally used those number's to have my replacement ecm flashed. it's been a while but i was buying used ecm's for about 300.00 to 500.00. i am sure there r different reason's that this may not b an option for all reboot's on the newest engine's but it may be worth some research time.