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Original post by: Jackie ,


I got mine in August of 2010 at the Dallas truck show. The seat was great except it did bottom out every now and then. I was going to tell them about it at the next truck show because it wasn't very often it did that. Much to my surprise though in my mail box was a new SD card from Bose and it said to install the new card as they have been experiencing bottoming out and had a fix for it. Since I installed the new SD card (August 2011) it has been fine and hasn't bottomed out since.

So either something is messed up from your install or you didn't get the latest software. I would call Bose and tell them what is going join. Yours sounds very severe and no where near my every now and then. Also mine never topped out either.

Mine also looses all its air so it doesn't bottom out on me after its off.

It took maybe.a week  to get used to it, if that.

I don't think yours is working right.