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Original post by: Chris Wilson ,


Get your hands on Clarke's pay package / contract , and run that company truck for a few months but keep detailed notes of what you would make, what your fixed and variable costs are going to be, and what you are going to end up seeing for clear money. Any time your truck goes to the shop, ask what the repairs would cost if you were paying. Keep good fuel milage records and establish what your cost / mile and % 's of revenues are going to be. There is no rush to jump right away and don't be afraid to put in a good 6 - 8 months doing your homework, all the while keeping an eye out for trucks and prices that are going to fit your budget.  I would go used to start for sure , pre '08 DPF for sure. Kevin preaches pre '03 to avoid EGR , but a 9 year old truck in our climate  of the Maritimes is going to be in pretty rough shape unless you know of a truck that the owner has taken extra effort to keep ahead of what our winters can do.  Drive that company truck like its your own . Let your company know what you are doing , so they can give you as much info as possible as to what to expect.  Dont be afraid to get another companys pay package and run their numbers to compare carriers. Listen to Kevins shows and check out the Lets Truck website, there is all kinds of info there about picking a good starter truck. Be patient and good luck.