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Original post by: Bryan Gagnon ,


I will respond anyways,... A C15 Acert set between 475-550 hp can not be up-rated to 600-625 without a hardware change. Since you are a firm beleiver in the Diesel Dr. do some research about him on the web on other trucking sites. Since you know so much about motors do some research about that as well, I DID!!! I have an MXS C15 550 and wanted to up Rate it to 625 at a CAT shop, could not do it because needed hardware change to do it, only a 600-1850 can be up rated to 625-2050. oh that s right im just a bumb"/$ with a laptop. I never said anything about BD or PDI, they have actual flashes that modify the mapping which CAT will not do because they have to meet emiission standards, . AND WHO F?%&* are you to call me a self pro- claimed expert, YOU SAID YOU WENT TO DIESEL DR. NOW YOUR SAYING YOU WENT TO A CAT SHOP... LIAR!!!