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egr valves bypass resistance

Hi 06 volvo d12 465 i have both my egr pipes blocked off truck runs cleaner and all, just got a bad #2 egr valve code so valve has failed it is now derating engine. I dont use my valves so I want to put resistors inline to simulate a egr valve working, anyone know the resistance values on an egr valve and how to go about wiring this up? thanks Jay

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2 Answers

That would be nice to know. I mite try to mess around with this someday when I got time.

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Check out the Volvo owners section, there are a couple of guys looking for a number of fixes. When you say you have your egr pipes blocked.

Does that mean you actually removed the egr valves and blocked the ports there, or did you block the crossover pipe.

I ask this because i blocked the crossover ONLY on my truck, we have the same engine and truck, and I have only 1 pipe....the crossover pipe.

I too have a valve #1 giving a code, I don't see any DE-rate that I notice.

In the Volvo owners group read the latest in the last week, I'm waiting for a guy to get back with us about trying the diode fix.

The diode fix sounds great, but from what I understand is that the barometric pressure switch on these Volvo's is located on the computer ECM, so I'm waiting for someone to tells us the wires you need to put the diode fix on. I'm not sure if you can do it at the EGR valve(s) wiring harness or not.

On the detriots it is there on the intake on the drivers side.

I understand there is a guy who is looking into getting an ECM from a truck that is the same but the ECM does not have the EGR bull on it. So if this works (and I'm not saying it will) we can maybe kiss the bad settings goodbye. this might be a 500.00 fix from what I'm hearing so far.


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Hey DLP no my pipes are blocked where they come out of the egr and go back into the intake, thus making the gas flow directly back into the exhaust but the valve still cycles. so essentially the valves are useless on my truck but once they throw a code long enough they will de-rate give it time! thats why if we can figure out the resistance that these valves work on we could put a resistor in line betwwen the ecm and the egr valve to fool the ecm into thinking it is still working fine! as far as a barometric sensor i dont think so, mine have been blocked for over two years and working great! oil samples are awesome, everything is clean!! I seen the fix that reg posted and most of you guys are using, but why allow any egr gas back in? block it at the source! i welded plates on the two 1 inch egr tubes and it is perfect ! lets keep working on this resistor deal though if you get any info please share it! Jay


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