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Help,i need more money faster then comp.driver

Can anybody help me, i live in montana,just switched

companies,now with Gordon trk,gti,and as company driver im getting $.34/mile,and i get around 800 to 1000 miles a month.

now my wife just found out shes not gonna be able to work because of health reasons.

i want to know about doing a lease to purchase with

gordon,or with a truck sales comp.

i dont have the money to buy a trk,and are barely able to get by as it is.also my credit isnt gold or even silver

Im in need of HELP!!!! here guys and gals,what can i do

to get more $$,ive begged for more miles but dont get it

should i try landstar and lease with them???

ive been comp driver for right at 4years

id appreciate any help i can get,

thank you much

Brett C

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I would not go into a lease purchase with Gordon if you can not even get 1000 miles a month. Why would they give you more just because your lease purchasing a truck from them? Start talking to as many company drivers as you can and find out what kind of deal they are getting before you jump off into the fire......

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I'd go with a company that has at least 2000 miles to offer you, per week. 800-1000 per month is a joke.

It's tough to find good, professional drivers. If you have a fairly clean MVR, at least two years experience, and know what you're shouldn't have any problem grossing a thousand a week.

I have two drivers running from Houston to Baltimore each week. $0.34 per mile and home on weekends. The jobs are out there. Just need to look. Hit up a good solid driver-leasing company like mine. They may have something up your alley.

Larry Hilbert

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800 to 1000 a month you never leave home 4 yrs exp you have a lot of options plenty companies hiring right now giving 2000 to 2500 a week can easily bring home 1000 or more weekly pay check your local craigslist for your area


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what are you willing to do and give up to be able to get a job that makes you more money? If you live in MT maybe you can consider working in the oilfields, I think I may have heard there could be few openings in that sector, If you are making $340/ month in a truck, why aren't you working for walmart or mcdonalds and make $500/ month. Or maybe you should get off your @*@ and figure out your life on your own!!!!! don't get me wrong its great that you are asking for help and this is a good place to do so but comon, you are making $340/ month and you don't know what to do to better your earnings? the answer is ANYTHING but what you are doing now!!!! If you a competent driver with 4 years of exp. then you shouldn't (in my opinion anyway) be even considering a lease purchase until you can afford a truck let alone have a place to make good $$$. Sorry if you get butt hurt, well actually I don't give a #$&! if you get butt hurt, so wake up and get a job where you can make more money then a kid selling lemonade!!!

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Are you tied to living in MT? being your wife isn't working, maybe you could move to a place where the pay and miles are better. I drive for Millis and usually have no problem getting 2500-3000+ miles a week. My best here has been 3980, and I am averaging TAKE HOME of about $800 a week - that's after taxes, insurance, etc., direct deposit into my bank account. However, you need to live in the running lanes, which are the eastern 3/5 of the United States (draw a line between Ft. Worth and Minneapolis, east of that 95% of the time). If you are interested (or anybody else) call 800-284-8153 and talk to Faye Rogstad. If you would, please tell them that Dale Eckart in 2007 sent you. We get paid for referrals here too. I am a driver, not a company spokesperson - there are things I think could be better, but what place isn't like that? Anyway, it's a pretty good place to work and they get you miles, and that's the bottom line. Good Luck! Oh, I forgot.. they run newer KW equipment (T-700) mostly, some FL but not many. On average they run tractors 3 years and turn 'em in.

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Don't do it! It may seem like a quick solution to your problems but they will only get worse. Learn the business first.

Get your credit built back up first. You need cash to run a truck.

One break down and you're out of business and on the hook for a lease.

It's not how much you make, it's how much you keep.

As a Co. driver, you keep it all, after taxes of course!

Find a carrier that can give you the miles and pay. 800-1000 miles a month? Keep looking, thats not even part time if it was per week.

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PM me if you are serious about working hard and making a honest living. I do opendeck/ flat/RGN freight. You get paid percentage of the gross line haul. My other guys make around $60 000 a year.

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