What is the best drive tires with the lowest rolling resistance?


I have finally came to the "dark side" and sold my W900L and bought a T680. I was tired of the 5-5.5 mpg and now want to get the best fuel economy that I can. I have ordered Airtabs, wheel covers and now I need to get a set of Drive tires to replace the terrible recaps that came with the truck. It seems that there is a discrepancy between americamovesbytruck.com rolling resistance chart and the one on the Michelin site. I don't want to do wide base singles as a good friend lost one of his on the big road and had to buy a new tire, wheel and 4 insurance claims as the tire bounced around before leaving the road.

I just bought this truck and will be buying in the next few days. Any advice is more than appreciated.

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